AG Tires

18.4R46 Trelleborg Tractor Tires

90% Tread

Some stubble wear, they have never went flat


$400/each OBO

18.4R46 Trelleborg Tractor Tires

90% Tread

(These were the inside duals)


$800/each OBO

Michelin AG Tires

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Agriculture Tire for General Farming Applications

Long Tire Life
Deep lugs, low slip and optimized rubber compounds help reduce wear to give    exceptionally long tire life. A sharp verticle lug design allows the MICHELIN® Agribib® tire to retain traction even when 70% worn.

Exceptional Traction: Year Round
Strong and super-flexible sidewalls allow a long footprint, puts more lugs in contact with the soil. Michelin's exclusive "self-cleaning hinge" between the lugs helps ensure maximized pulling power in wet conditions.

 The First Standard Size VF Tire on the North American HHP Tractor Market

Reduced Soil Compaction - LESS PRESSURE. MORE YIELD.
MICHELIN® YieldBib™, featuring Michelin Ultraflex Technology, allows you to carry the same load with reduced air pressure of up to 40% compared to standard radial technology tires. Plus, the longer footprint means reduced soil compaction and increased yield in the seasons to come

The R1W lugs and 45 degree lug angle design of MICHELIN® YieldBib™ provide better traction and less slippage in all seasons.  Better traction means reduced fuel consumption, so you can work more efficiently – no matter the conditions

Greater Stubble Resistance
Stubble deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt feature in the tread area of MICHELIN® YieldBib™ are specifically designed for stubble resistance, extending the life of the tire.



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Designed for High Clearance Sprayers

Improved Productivity
New stubble-resistant design offers better mobility with an exceptionally large footprint. Designed to provide excellent traction, reduced soil compaction and improved stability, regardless of weather or soil conditions.

Note: All of the above tires are tubeless but can be mounted with a tube.
Note: Max. Load and Max. Inflation Pressure are @ 20 mph.

Performance Advantage
MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies allows the MICHELIN® Spraybib™ tire to support 14,330 lbs at up to 40 mph while still requiring only 64 psi.* The MICHELIN® Spraybib™ can also be mounted on a standard rim, saving you money on costly reinforced rims.

Outstanding Tire Life
MICHELIN® Spraybib™ radials have a estimated lifespan of 3 to 5 years* as compared to 1 to 1.5 years for our main competitors.

Firestone AG Tires

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